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IARTC Free Webinars


IARTC plans to offer a new series of Webinars in 2024, with the first one tentatively planned for February, 2024.

IARTC previously offered a series of six FREE Webinars to the first 100 people who registered! We had a wonderful turn-out for this Lunch and Learn Series. See details, below. A big thank you to our amazing scholars who so graciously shared their expertise by providing these webinars so that IARTC could receive NBCC ACEP accreditation and provide members and friends with amazing benefits! We were successful in our quest to attain accreditation thus our last two webinars provided CEs as will future webinars (for full attendance)!


While IARTC webinars are free, prior registration is required. If you have questions,  please contact Peggy Mayfield, 2155 W. Center Street, Decatur, IL 62526. 217.429.9548.

Past Webinars:

January 5, 2023 (Thursday/1:00pm) - Dr. Parker-Barnes 

Social Class Related Trauma: Counseling Clients with Classism and Social Class Related Trauma


January 6, 2023 -  Dr. Wyche and Ms. Patricia Hickham, MS, LCMHCA, NCC

Trauma-Informed Teaching: Increasing Capacity for Sustainable Counselor Learning


February 3, 2023 - Dr. Grybush 

What Happened to You? Understanding the Impact of Early Childhood Adversity and Ways to Foster Resilience

March 3, 2023 - Dr. Sosin

Trauma-Informed Embodiment Practices that Promote Emotion Awareness, Compassionate Tolerance, and Integration

October 20, 2023--Shawna Smithhauer and Cynthia Fisher

Trauma Informed Supervision: Enhancing Safety and Trust.

November 17, 2023--Dr. Laura Dawson-Fend
Introduction to Human Trafficking and the Complex Trauma of Survivors 

Please contact Dr. Peggy Mayfield if you have any questions: 


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