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Nominations & Elections Committee

Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC)
Purpose: Responsible for carrying out nominations and elections procedures in concert with the ACA nominations and elections timetables and procedures. Membership shall consist of the Immediate Past-President who shall be chair and others.

a.    Meet in July each year to develop a slate of nominees to consider for election.

b.    NEC will enact policies that advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice in the nomination and elections                                      process--providing a written report to the President at the close of the nominations and elections calendar to share with the                Board at its October Board meeting.
c.    Candidates for Division Governing Council Representative must be members in good standing of ACA and meet any additional             eligibility criteria set forth in IARTC’s Bylaws and/or Policies. Pursuant to ACA Bylaws Article X, Section 1(d), every third year,                   IARTC is responsible for submitting the names of not more than two candidates to be placed on the ballot to serve as the                     Governing Council representative for the Division. 
d.    ACA will notify the IARTC President and the Chair of the NEC of election results by the end of February. The President will                       forward the notification of election results to the President-Elect.
e.    The NEC Chair will ensure that all candidates are notified of the ACA no campaigning requirements.
f.    The NEC submit a full slate of candidates for any open positions to the ACA Governance Administrator no later than                                 September 1.


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